We are an unconventional law and policy firm with a sharp focus on technology and innovation.

Our mission is to enable
the future.

We do this by enabling innovation, technology and entrepreneurship...

to make the World smarter, inclusive and fun.

We enjoy working at the bleeding edge where there are no clear answers and creative problem-solving is a must.


Here’s how we
set the standard


We’re not a full-service law firm. We only focus on tech and innovation.

Tech savvy

Business Savvy

We spend a lot of time and energy learning about the industries in which our clients operate. We take pride in our ability to understand which solutions make sense from a business standpoint.

Tech savvy

Policy Orientation

We work in emerging sectors where both the law and business models are evolving. In such sectors, there is no clear separation between law and policy. We help our clients predict which direction the law will take to future-proof their products and engage with lawmakers to influence the law’s course.

Tech savvy

Multi-stakeholder Perspective

We work with a wide range of stakeholders in the tech ecosystem: large tech companies, start-ups, investors, industry associations, think tanks, government bodies, and international organizations. Our 360-degree exposure gives us a nuanced understanding of the industry.

We are building a practice of the future, for the future. This is a creative business. We help create. This is possible because of the like-minded, passionate, and creative people who work here.

And we do this for fun. We want to enjoy the process and the outcome.


the status quo

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