POSH Policy

Any type of sexual harassment is prohibited under our anti-sexual harassment policy and addressed by our internal complaints committee.

Leave Policy

We offer 40 days leave each year comprising planned leaves, casual leaves, and public holidays. Additional leave is also available for weddings, new parents, bereavement, and special projects.

Anti-discrimination Policy

We’re an equal-opportunity employer and don’t tolerate any discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, caste, religion, ethnic origin, race, nationality, age, marital status, disability, or any other legally protected characteristic.

Equity Structure

Everyone has a shot at becoming an equity partner in the firm. We operate on a lock-step model of partnership where your share in the profits is not based on what revenue you generate specifically, but rather on the collective revenue of the firm. Besides partners, long-term members who have spent three years at the firm are also eligible to earn equity in the firm. This equity entitles you to a profit share each year.